23-24 of June, in the Ecology Centre Radulovački in Sremski Karlovci, a conference targeted at the professional public from the animation industry was held. The aim of the conference was to contribute to the popularization of applied animation in youth creativity, as well as its development through the collection of materials required for determining the methodology for the education of youth in making beginner-level animated movies at home.

The lecturers of the conference are experts from the animation industry with years of experience in educating the youth, on an academic level, as well as workshops: art theorist Zoran Stefanović, professors of animation Rastko Ćirić and Vladimir Dimovski D.A, professor of vocational studies Uglješa Colić D.A, and renowned authors of animated films Miloš Tomić D.A. and Ana Nedeljković D.A. Marija Vulić from studio Jafilm from Jagodina, Marija Lazarevski from the Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade, Srećko Lebinec, Dubravka Kalinić-Lebinec and Ivan Todorović from studio Vanima from Croatia, Jakov Popov – educator of Studio DOM, Tatjana Krstić – teacher at Elementary School 23. October in Sremski Karlovci and Jelena Milovanović from Gardinovci participated in the conference. Moderator of the conference was Zlata Popov – Studio DOM Animation.

A methodology for the creation of animated films for beginners will be determined in accord with the results of the conference. The methodology is aimed towards all who want to encourage the youth to apply this type of art in their creative endeavors – youth workers, mentors, teachers, professors, parents.

The conference is the first public activity in Serbia within the scope of the project Animate Yourself! led by Studio Dom Animation, partnered with Children’s Cultural Centre Novi Sad and Film-Creative Studio Vanima from Varaždin. The project is supported by the European youth program Erasmus+.

You can read more about the conference by clicking the following link.

Topics of the presentation and the work program can be found on the following link.

Photo: Ivana Jovanović